Thursday, May 23, 2013

Trials and Tribulations

My week has been...interesting in many ways:

  • Lightening struck a tree perilously close to our motor home. 
  • My laptop screen is on the verge of death, and I'm ready to euthanize it!
  • My daughter (Emmie) lost all of her shorts - it was 85 degrees most of the week.
  • We carried a few "hitch-hikers" back from Florida - ants and lizards.  
  • The radiator in Emmie's car  (our only other set of wheels) blew up.  :(
On the positive side:

  • Jim & I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary
  • My new laptop should arrive next week.  :)
  • Emmie passed all of her spring classes - even Chemistry II!
  • Our house is almost ready to move back into for the summer.
  • I ran into several old friends while running errands.

I think the worst is behind us now. Three people living together in a 24-foot camper is difficult at times. Each one of us has had a minor melt-down within the past two weeks. Although we don't like troubles pressing in on us, we know they are temporary, and we are going to keep moving forward.