Saturday, May 11, 2013

A Different World

Now that I'm back online, I am working on catching up with many things! It is a bit overwhelming, but at least I'm starting to feel settled. I always warm up by writing poetry. And this is my latest:

"Buddy"   Photo by Aleshia Clarke

Coming Home
   My journey is complete,
 or so it would seem;
I'm back to the familiar,
the home, and the dream.

With grass overgrown,
and the house in a mess,
tears overwhelm me -
the return of my stress!

Feeling quite empty,
all alone in the sticks,
not knowing where to start;
there’s too much too fix.

I want to go back
from where I just came.
I knew this would happen;
it is just not the same!

My sweetheart comforts me,
saying “wherever we roam,
as long as we're together,
we will always be home.”