Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Whirlwind Weeks!

Time goes by really fast when there is work to do. We have finally moved into our "summer" home, which has been scrubbed clean from top to bottom. I cannot believe a month has already passed since our return to New York. The motor home will still get plenty of use as we travel closer to home for "recreational" purposes. Emmie's boyfriend will spend the next four days living in it while he visits her (yes, more cleaning to do).

It has been raining nearly every day for two weeks up here. I've been working on literary submissions whenever I can spare a few minutes on writing. Next week, I must return to gainful employment (writing for money) to save up for the next grand adventure.

I did take a break from the drudgery to attend a family reunion picnic, which thankfully took place in favorable weather. I have heard that it will be warm and sunny starting tomorrow, and throughout the rest of the week. I do hope this is true so we can take a ride on our bikes!

Thanks to those of you who commented on my "riddle" post. You had some great guesses! The correct answer is "a rogue scholar," one who rejects learned knowledge in favor of quick profit. He sells false expertise for fame and fortune, but over time he gives up his academic focus, professional discipline and reasoning capacity. He loses the ability to contribute anything of value to society and becomes foolishly ignorant. This was actually one of several ideas I had to submit in a tanka poetry contest. I decided to send in a different poem, but this one was just too good to waste.