Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Summer in the Finger Lakes of NY

Photos by Aleshia Clarke
Photos by Aleshia Clarke

I'm beginning to believe that it is REALLY JUNE here in the beautiful Finger Lakes of New York. For the past few weeks it has RAINED and RAINED, then RAINED some more! Fortunately, we had at least one day of SUNSHINE each week. Nevertheless, we were quite WATERLOGGED for awhile up here!

In between CUTTING GRASS and building the ARK (just kidding :), we took the boat out to SENECA LAKE. We also tinkered in our FLOWER BEDS.

Being "SNOWBIRDS," we have to take care of all those pesky ANNUAL MEDICAL issues: dental cleanings, eye glasses, physical checkups, etc. This is quite a challenge with 3 adults sharing ONE CAR! I think we have gone to about 15 auto DEALERSHIPS within the last 3 weeks, but have yet to find the perfect vehicle for our daughter (cheap, low miles, automatic transmission, no rust).

I hope you enjoy the photos taken during the BRIGHTEST DAYS of JUNE here in the BIG APPLE!