Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Let the positive cultural revival begin!

Large crowds freak me out. Some say I have a phobia, but avoiding the risks associated with so many people occupying the same space at the same time, sounds logical to me. I think my fear is quite rational, as I prefer not to be the target of a pickpocket, and to avoid getting trampled by an out-of-control crowd. When we attend large events where crowds are unavoidable, my husband plays a game to help ease my mind. He looks over and says, “Moo,” implying that as cattle, we are making our way through the dinner line. He always brings my smile out!

My question is, why do people tend to follow the crowd (in a metaphorical sense)? I realize that chatting about the latest movie release builds camaraderie in the office, but what about the sculpted nail trend? Frankly, the idea of getting my fingernails ground down, then attaching acrylic pieces to them with superglue, gives me the creeps! Even more gross, is the piercing and tattooing trend - this dangerous gamble could result in serious negative health effects.

I want to challenge to readers to explore the world outside your social circle, and to be a positive trendsetter. Instead of celebrating the disturbing culture of reality television, be freethinking, eccentric individuals, who model inspiration and hope for others. Refuse to let your personality become a pawn of group-think mentality. Make a commitment to develop your natural creativity, talent, and skills. Cultural revival begins with a single person, when each of us unleashes our inner awesomeness!