Saturday, March 30, 2013

When I write a blog page, I learn how to be a writer

Photo Source: Aleshia Clarke
I thought I knew how to be a writer; the writer writes, right? I enjoy reading a blog page for useful information, and I often use social networks. I just never realized their importance to the writer.

What is a social network?

Think of a social network as a spider’s web, and the writer as the spider. I build my web while I write about topics that interest me. I share my work by posting on my friends’ social networks. They share my work with their friends. I write while they promote my writing business and find potential buyers for me.

How does a blog page helps build social networks?

A blog page is similar to a computer hard drive. It stores data files for the writer. All of my neatly organized work is in one place. My blog has apps for other social networks embedded in it, so I can quickly share blog posts to those social networks with a few simple clicks. I also build a professional reputation by drawing people to my blog page.

How does a blog page teach me how to be a writer?

I write about a variety of topics to improve my craft. Some of my blog posts are short anecdotes, while others are full-page articles. I encourage visitors to reply to blog page posts. The conversation gives valuable feedback on my writing skills. A word of advice: keep it fun and interesting; it should be a pleasurable experience for the writer as well as the audience.

Why use writing prompts as topics?

The writer uses a short sentence or a picture as a writing prompt warm-up exercise. My posts stay fresh when I occasionally use a writing prompt as a topic. Pictures are also great conversation starters for the reader. I like to post pictures from my other social networks. This helps my colleagues and I develop our blog page and our social networks.

Photo Source: Aleshia Clarke
Setting up a blog page does take time initially, but the long-term benefits are worth the effort. It provides a nice little workplace for the writer and a welcoming office for potential buyers.